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Leading the way in avant-garde couture, MikroBlack was a dream given form by CEO & Founder, better known as world-renowned performing artist, The Beautiful Jewels.


Born in St. Petersburg, raised in Stockholm and London, she made her mark living and working in Berlin, Paris, and San Francisco, where she calls home and continues to perform regularly. Her impeccable style has created trends, altering personal styles and spaces to new levels - which is precisely something you can expect when you choose to meet with Jewels as your Visionary.

Recognized for her unique sense of style and superhuman performance artistry, every piece in MikroBlack's collection was hand-picked and specially curated by Jewels. Aside from show business, she is known for her custom designed nightclubs, shows, bars and event spaces from all across the world. She has personally worked with and been inspired by fashion icons such as Mugler, Alaïa, and Westwood.

You can meet with this captivating icon of avant-garde fashion yourself, when you book an appointment at MikroBlack.​

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