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PERLENSAU is a metaphor for the full spectrum of life, the sacred and the profane, the ying and yang. To fully experience and express life’s every facet, that’s why we are here, and PERLENSAU is here to represent that. And like any philosophy, it can’t be superficial.

An endless urge to create, technical know-how and futuristic aesthetic provided a perfect breeding ground for the founder Nina Kharytonova. This passion for innovative looks was a driving force to let the brand flourish. 

Some of these designs are really provocative and over the top or even more than visionary, but each of them transforms even the most unimpressive outfit into a stunning eye-catcher. 

The idea behind it is to create an experience you never ever want to miss again. And even if you ask yourself now: „can I wear it?“ – we promise you, once the piece touches your body, you can feel the rising self-confidence of a galactic amazonian and enjoy the certainty of creating a trend and not following one.





Our Mission:

The prior aspect yet is not only an outstanding look but the ability to minimize impact on the environment, there for the pieces are made of high class materials, like vegetable tanned leather, recyclable and environment friendly PVC, plasticizer-free PVC and nickel free stainless steel.


Most of the pieces are custom made to order, to save on making unwanted overstock. All designs are handcrafted with an attention to the detail and high quality and made to last for long. We design our products to look good and to be used on a daily basis. And our aim is to inspire people to live with few timeless objects made to last.


This is why quality over quantity is a cornerstone of our ethos and we have no interest in trends or seasonal collections. Social and environmental issues are at the core of our work. By sourcing local materials, producing as little waste as possible and making our customers think about the impact of their choices, we aim to find sustainable solutions at every step of production.

Our ethos is rooted in simplicity and minimalism. 

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